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How to Start a Hedge Fund, Your Own RIA Firm (Part III)

In the previous posts,  I covered the following topics:

Part I

Part II:

In this final part III, I will cover the following:

  • Thoughts on social media marketing
  • Competition with the big shops


None of the panels are currently using social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as marketing tools.  A few of them are considering exploring the potentials in a year or two, after discussion with the compliance consultant.  One of them keeps a Facebook profile to stay connected with her client’s personal life at the client’s request.

<my comments:  hedge funds are heavily regulated as to what you can say, where you can say and to whom you can say it.   Most of them only maintain a website with client’s login portal. >

What sets small RIAs apart from the big shops: financial performance;  personal relationship and individual attention; more technical savvy since there’s no legacy accounting/IT system.

At the conclusion of the session, each panel shared one additional thought that wasn’t addressed in the previous session:

Start it with partners if at all possible;  expect it to be a long enduring process, but with great potentials down the road; even if your firm’s AUM grows bigger, it doesn’t get easier; there’s no immediate reward/short-term home run; it’s great to be an independent advisor, and it’s perfect for social people.

<my comment: entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like nobody would, so you can spend the rest of it like nobody can.>

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