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Who We Are

Who We Are

Affinity Fund Services LLC is a boutique hedge fund administration and accounting firm based in San Francisco. Our clients range from emerging hedge fund managers to SEC registered investment advisors.

We, at Affinity Fund Services LLC, differ from other administration firms in the following aspects:

Extensive Financial Experience

Amy Zhang, our founder and managing member, brings a wealth of professional and academic expertise in the field of accounting. Boasting extensive experience in the hedge fund industry, she has a deep understanding of partner allocations, capital structures, industry best practices, and generally accepted accounting principles. Utilize her and her team’s knowledge to liberate your resources, allowing yourself to concentrate your energy on the seamless management of your hedge fund. Avoid the pitfalls of being caught in the learning curve of an inexperienced administrator—choose seasoned expertise for your financial endeavors.

Bridge between the Fund and the Auditor

Drawing on prior audit experience, we proactively identify potential accounting issues from day one. Our commitment extends to timely communication with both the fund manager and auditor, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Spare yourself the considerable time and resources that would otherwise be needed to address the aftermath of administrative errors and oversights. Choose our proactive approach for a smoother year end financial reporting experience.

Fast Execution – Zero Bureaucracy

Collaborate directly with Amy, a seasoned expert, instead of navigating through a first-year junior associate or a sales representative. Enjoy swift access to answers without the delays from overbearing decision-makers.

Personalized Services and Billing

We engage with a limited number of clients, allowing us to fully grasp their business objectives and assist in defining their accounting requirements. Collaboratively, we customize a suitable billing structure—offering options such as flat-rate, hourly, or a hybrid model. Committed to ethical billing practices, we only invoice for work that adds value to our clients’ operations.

Disclaimer: Affinity Fund Services is not a  registered accounting firm with the State of California, and does not provide certain services such as an audit, review or compilation of a financial statement.